Over two days in June 2022, a group of artists and researchers from across ‘Australia’ gathered around on Larrakia/Gulmurrigin land, around the Gurambai/Rapid catchment with a focus on the headwaters at ‘Marrara Swamp’.

Gurambai/Rapid Creek has been a source of life and nourishment for locals and other creatures for thousands of years.

Gathering Ground is a generative writing walkshop, using embodied reading, walking and listening to explore and transform our relationship with place.

Testing Ground was a ritual of recovery, that made visible the damage to the ‘Ilparpa Claypans’, caused by dumping and invasive weeds.

Love, Resistance and Other Survival Strategies

Love, Resistance and Other Survival Strategies is an experiment in radical community pedagogy.

Here We Are was an experiment in mapping and storytelling, using mail art and cyanotypes to memorialise people’s experience of social distancing under COVID19.

Postcards to the Future is an NT wide mail art project to support communities to reflect and grow from and through the time of COVID19.

Local Knowledge was a story based place making project, funded as part of the Live Alice Initiative.

The Museum of Intimate Memories is an ongoing project, exploring memory and connection through object based storytelling.

What becomes of the by products of our past; painful memories, niggling regrets and other detritus from times long past?

Eye of the Storm brought together 40 of the nations most interesting writers and thinkers including Benjamin Law, Anna Krien and Ali Cobby Eckermann.

In 2012 I had the honour of being invited to collaborate with textile artist Nicky Shonkala as part of her common threads project exploring the intersections between art and craft.