Gathering Ground

Gathering Ground is a generative writing walkshop, using embodied reading, walking and listening to explore and transform our relationship with place. Participants take part in an embodied reading excercise which acts as a provocation for walking exploration based on the situationist technique of drifting. These practices are distilled through generative writing excercises.

I have presented these workshops in person and online. In the online workshops, provocations are shared together in a Zoom call, followed by offline exploration by participants in their local area, who return to the zoom call to take part in the generative writing excercises.

Details of workshops:

Life, Death and Discomfort

Text: Staying with the Trouble: making kin in the Chthulucene, Donna Haraway

NT Writers Festival, October 2020 (in person)

Making Kin 

Text: Shimmer, Deborah Bird Rose

Victoria University Place Pedagogies Seminar, October 2020 (online)

Working into the Cracks

Text: Pandemics as Portals, Arundahti Roy

Red Dirt Poetry Festival, August 2020 (online)

Finding Our Place 

Text: Recovering a Narrative of Place

NT Writers Center Series Mparntwe/Alice Springs,  April 2020 (online)

More Projects

Testing Ground was a ritual of recovery, that made visible the damage to the ‘Ilparpa Claypans’, caused by dumping and invasive weeds.

Postcards are the first physical research arteacts for the Tender Places project. Created from photographs and field notes, they are mailed to a network of creative peers in Australia and beyond.

Together, italk Studios and Holyoake created six innovative animations for the Young People’s Program.