Kelly-Lee specialises in collaborative design, research and resource development that supports healthy land, healthy communities and healthy futures in the Northern Territory and beyond. Her practice is underpinned by principles of hospitality, care, and a commitment to methods and practices that increase access and depth of engagement in learning, planning and decision making.

We learn stories from our parents, our siblings, our friends. Stories about how to be a partner, a parent, a man or a woman.

Together, italk Studios and Holyoake created six innovative animations for the Young People’s Program.

In 2018 I worked with Lock the Gate as a producer on  ‘Adapting the Arts’, a project building the capacity of artists in mining affected communities through developmental commissions and workshops.

In late 2015 and early 2016 I worked with 8CCC Community Radio as creative producer on the second series of Many Voices One Place.

Whilst working with Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, I developed the Stitch in Time project. Over two years we collected and shared over 100 women’s stories of resistance to domestic violence through the creation of 10 story quilts.