Love, Resistance and Other Survival Strategies

Love, Resistance and Other Survival Strategies is an experiment in radical community pedagogy. Blending a reading group with the practice of philosophising, the project introduces participants to a broad range of radical alternatives to capitalism, colonialism and patriachy through podcasts, poetry and essays. These ideas used as a springboard for facilitated discussion, with participants encouraged to reflect on their own experience, and how they might participate in imagining and creating a more just and interconnected world.

Love, Resistance and Other Survival Strategies has been presented as two curriculums. The first was a summer school on climate justice presented at Watch This Space, Mparntwe/Alice Springs in January 2020. The second was an online group in response to COVID19, held May-October 2020 and was funded by the Regional Arts Fund COVID response.

The full curriculum of the January Summer School is available here 

More Projects

Whilst working with Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, I developed the Stitch in Time project. Over two years we collected and shared over 100 women’s stories of resistance to domestic violence through the creation of 10 story quilts.

The Museum of Intimate Memories is an ongoing project, exploring memory and connection through object based storytelling.

Postcards to the Future is an NT wide mail art project to support communities to reflect and grow from and through the time of COVID19.